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Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette - Director, Center for Teaching and Learning; Professor, Communications Jacksonville University

It is with great enthusiasm that I endorse Kelly Barrera for the St. Johns County School Board, District 4.  As an educator, I recognize the extraordinary experience, intellect, and understanding Kelly brings to the St. Johns County School Board. Kelly’s leadership is necessary to ensure the continued success of the St. Johns County Schools.


St Johns County shines as a leader in education throughout the great State of Florida and the nation. However, as the county continues to experience rapid growth, the challenge now becomes maintaining excellence while managing tremendous growth. Kelly is the right person for the job. As the Vice-Chair of the Board, Kelly has overseen the process of building five new schools!


Kelly offers great insight as her professional experience includes both business acumen, work in a STEM, and education. Leaders lead, and Kelly has been doing so for decades. As the first woman to earn her Aviation degree from Jacksonville University, Kelly would go on to lead a successful career in aviation management and share those skills with a new generation through her work with Embry-Riddle. Her talent has earned her numerous honor and accolades throughout the north Florida region. 


Kelly has the experience and the intellect to continue to successfully lead St Johns County School Baord. However, it is her kind and thoughtful heart that makes her such a successful collaborative leader. School Boards must work well together. With Kelly’s leadership our St Johns County School Board consistently made thoughtful and student centered choices that best serve our community. Kelly continue to work tirelessly for the students, families, and educators, of St. Johns County, advocating for their success. 

Kelly is a bright, thoughtful, experienced leader. Her service to our community and advocacy for our children is extraordinary. Our schools, our community, and our county are better because of her leadership. I urge you to continue to support, Kelly Barrera for St. Johns County School Board, District 4.




Dr. Annmarie Kent-Willette

Director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Professor, Communications

Jacksonville University

Karen S. Forfar - recently retired after 27 years of teaching in SJCSD, Ponte Vedra Beach

It is an honor to write this letter of endorsement for Kelly Barrera who is running for re- election to the St. Johns County School Board, District 4.   My name is Karen Forfar, and my husband and I moved to Ponte Vedra Beach over 31 years ago specifically for the St. Johns County school system.  Both of my children graduated from Nease High School, and I have taught for 27 years in St. Johns County middle schools.  Even though I retired in May, I have 4 grandchildren who are or will be in St. Johns County Schools.  Of course, I look forward to their educational success as well.  

It is with my grandchildren and ALL our children in mind that once again I endorse Kelly Barrera as our District 4 representative on the St. Johns County School Board.  Kelly is committed to academic excellence in all areas of student need.   She cares about the emotional needs, academic successes, and the safety and security of all our children.  

What impresses me the most about Kelly is her deep respect for all the stakeholders in our district: children, teachers, parents, business partners, anyone who cares about student success in our ever-changing world.  Kelly is a visionary, and she wants our involvement in keeping St. Johns County an “A” school district.    She is a life-long learner, and her dedication to our district is helping us fulfill our mission of creating educated and caring contributors to our world.  I give my heartfelt endorsement to Kelly Barrera for re-election to the St. Johns County School Board, District 4.

Kathleen Furness - Past Principal PVPV/Rawlings (17 years)

I enthusiastically support Kelly Barrera for St. Johns County School Board, District 4. She is a strong advocate for our teachers and students!

Bill Fehling - Past St. Johns County School Board Member, District 4        

Kelly is forward thinking as our school district strives for continuous improvement and as we build on our academic and extra-curricular activities.

Julie Clairmont - retired teacher, St Johns County, FL

I had the privilege of teaching in the Ponte Vedra school system for 24 years. My two children went through the “A” rated Ponte Vedra schools, and graduated from Nease. Although I am retired from teaching, I still take a great interest in our schools and am proud that our “A” rating and top school district distinction continues to be achieved while faced with the challenges of increased standards and the growth in our community. 

In 2014, I voted for Kelly Barrera for District 4 School Board Representative. I watched her work diligently to ensure our exceptional schools maintained their quality by expanding models of academic excellence, supporting our highly qualified teachers and staff, and assisting with the smooth openings of new schools. Kelly is running for re-election and with our continued growth, our community needs her proven experience and leadership to build on the success we have and deliver the standards ours schools are known for in Florida.  I have seen the passion Kelly Barrera has for our children and I am voting for her again on August 28th!     

Vince Corbisiero

Kelly is not a politician and she's exactly who she says she is! She's honest, fair and integrity-filled Her kids attended St. John's County schools. She's got the best interest of our school kids. Please support her!

Alexa Austin

As a School Board Leader last year, Ms. Barrera attended my cousin's high school graduation, held at UNF. It was a very exciting moment, as my cousin graduated from the special needs program at her school. My family and I were so delighted Kelly was able to attend the graduation to support and celebrate my cousin, along with all the other graduates together with us! 
Growing up, Kelly was my Girl Scout troop cookie mom for many years in Ponte Vedra. She helped us delegate our troop profits to the Military, Betty Griffin House, and Girl Scouts of Gateway Council. As a result, our troop was able to experience our dream overnight stay at the Jacksonville Zoo, and support our local community. Kelly Barrera's guidance with our troop and leadership in environmental volunteer work helped me to complete my Girl Scout Bronze Award with the Betty Griffin House and put me on the path to ultimately achieving my Girl Scout Gold Award, the greatest award a Senior Girl Scout can earn! 
Ms. Barrera is an amazing leader who has become both friend and mentor, and I am proud to have her as our representative. Definitely voting for her in this year's election, and encourage others to as well!

Alexa Austin, 
Girl Scout Gold Award Recipient, 
St. John’s County Resident

Abby Vega

Robin and Jeff Conn

Wendy Alexaitis

Elizabeth Alford

Reece Alford

Jimmy Anderson

Lori Anderson

Lori Farrell 

Kelly has done an exceptional job for our county! Vote for Kelly and let progress continue for our students.

Jack Hardman

I have had the pleasure of working with the St Johns County School Board for over 10 years, serving in a leadership position for several Board Committees. We are blessed with the best school system in the state and one of the reasons, in my opinion, has been the work the Board does together. The last several years I have worked very closely with the Board representative for our district, KELLY BARRERA. She is an outstanding educator with a real passion to make sure we have top quality schools. She is also a wonderful person and a real pleasure to work with.

I know some of us will be out of town for the Primary Election on August 28 and will need to vote absentee. I understand the absentee ballots will be mailed next week.

To use an “overused” phrase-If it’s not broken don’t fix it.

Please consider voting for KELLY.

Hal and Tabitha Gatewood

Kelley Bost

Kelly leads with her heart and her mind. Her dedication to our students and community is seen in the 20+ years she has served, in many different capacities, and in the programs she worked tirelessly to put into place. She sets the bar high, and challenges us all to work together and make it happen!

Patti A. Armstrong

Kathryn Austin

Sally Ayers

Aaron Bacus

Kristy Bacus

Billy and Janie Kratzert

Ted Baker

Lauren Giacco Baker 

Kelly is an outstanding member of our community who has made advocating for our children her number 1 priority. It is absolutely essential for her to remain our school board representative.

Carol Barbour

Doug Barden

Jill Barden

Brigid Barker

Dave Bartley

Suzy Bartley

Bob and Kelly Baxley

Ira Berger

Laurie Berger

Jennifer Tersori

Joe Bryant 

Kelly has done a phenomenal job representing Ponte Vedra during her first term. She’s a woman of character and commitment. I have been so impressed with her during her first term. We need Kelly to be re-elected as she is clearly the best choice.

Michael Rothfeld - Veterans Volunteer and Educator

I support and endorse Kelly Barrera for District 4 School Board Seat both as an educator with 35 years teaching in a Brooklyn High School and as a volunteer with the St. Johns County Veterans Council where I serve as Secretary.

In 2015 the Veterans Council was looking for a way to have local Vietnam veterans meet and speak with county high school students. The Council contacted Kelly and she put us in touch with Travis Brown, the history curriculum coordinator and we all worked together to make this happen. Under Kelly’s leadership the Veterans Council bussed in 11th grade students from 5 county high schools and what resulted was in the words of Dr. Joyner, “The best program I’ve seen since I’ve been here”. Five local Vietnam veterans met, spoke with and answered questions about their service. The students were engaged and asked many pertinent questions. It was a great day to be an American and be proud of our students. Thank you Kelly for making this happen.

This year we asked Kelly Barrera to help the Veterans Council learn about the high school history curriculum as it pertains to the Vietnam War. Kelly put us together with Laura Wynn, Curriculum Specialist, Secondary Social Studies. What resulted was again a huge success, the largest turnout in membership for the Council in several years. The Vietnam veterans in the audience were satisfied that their sacrifices will be remembered accurately by county students. Sitting in the audience was Kelly Barrera giving her encouragement and support to veterans.

This is why I support and endorse Kelly Barrera for District 4 School Board Seat.

Michael Rothfeld
Veterans volunteer

Dr. Christine C. Arab - Chair of the Schultz Board and former St. Johns County educator

Kelly Barrera has earned my respect and appreciation as a member of the St. Johns County School Board and as a representative to the Schultz Board, a non-profit organization providing professional development to the educators of Northeast Florida and the State of Florida.  In my role as Chair of the Schultz Board, I have found Ms. Barrera to be an educator, a leader and an exceptional public servant.  She thoughtfully engages with others, considers the public policy implications of decisions taken and always puts her best analysis of the needs of students, parents and teachers at the forefront.

As a former educator in St. Johns County, I am well acquainted with the work of the school board and the extraordinary effort it takes to represent all of the county’s students with integrity and honesty.  I confidently endorse Kelly Barrera for election to another term and look forward to my continued association with her on behalf of the educators and students of our region…she will continue to serve with integrity and honesty.

Christine C. Arab, Ph.D.

Dr. Pam Mullarkey Robbins - Founder Project SOS, a program of The Boys and Girls Clubs of Northeast Florida and Past St Johns County School Board Member, District 4

As a former District 4, St. Johns County School Board member and educator, I want to let you know why Kelly Barrera is an excellent school board member and worthy of your vote.


New board members must learn an enormous amount of information because of the multifaceted responsibilities of running a school district. This takes atleast 2 years to comprehend.Kelly has four years of experience and doesn’t need to go through a learning curve to continue the successful work she has already accomplished.


St. Johns County’s tremendous growth is one major reason to keep Kelly in her position for four more years. She has overseen building schools, renovating existing ones and planning for future growth in the fastest growing county in Florida.


Students are always Kelly’s first-priority, whether it is their school safety, academics, character, vocational skills or mental and emotional health; she isand always will bea CHAMPION for the students


Kelly is an honorable woman with an impeccable reputation. She has received many honors and awards because of her commitment to helping others and leading with integrity.


Kelly’s degree in business has helped her oversee a $315 million-dollar annual school district budget for the past four years. By prioritizing the classrooms, she has helped St. Johns County become a national leader in allocating 97% of theannual budget into schools and only 3% going into administration!

Please vote for Kelly Barrera, District 4 School Board Member, on August 28th tokeep St. Johns on TOP!

Patricia Falke

Deborah Blanton

Diane Bohler

Karl Bohler

Robin McDonald Bray

Mariette Brodeur

Christy Butler

Kelly Carnicelli

Katrina Casey

Brad and Melissa Nelson

Dr. Frances B. Kinne - Past President and Chancellor Emerita Jacksonville University

It is a pleasure for me to provide very complimentary words in support of Kelly Barrera of the St. Johns County School Board, District 4.  As an educator over many decades, it is always exciting for me to identify a very talented supporter of Education. 

I have known Kelly Barrera since she herself was a student.  Both her growth and development have been outstanding, and the depth of her experience speaks for itself.  Her amazing background provides unusual and priceless association in the entire field of Education.  From the very beginning, her leadership has been outstanding.  Of note is her amazing ability to respond to the growth and development of the various schools, as they are a significant part to the new demands of new schools. 

Of note should be Kelly Barrera’s background in Business Management.  It is quite unusual to note the superb ability so important in her field.  It has been very gratifying to follow the fascinating and outstanding career for Kelly Barrera.  Her enthusiasm is a vital part of her delightful personality.  In fact, she really is priceless in any fields she pursues.  The St. Johns County School Board is very fortunate to be blessed with the involvement of Kelly Barrera. 


Frances Bartlett Kinne, Ph.D.

Paula Chaon

Abby Clark

Josh Clark

Sarah Clark

Barbara Conway

Lisa Johnson Cook

JT Cooper

Valerie Frank Cooper

Vivianna Cordona

Gail Cullum

Shamiran Eivaz

George and Lourdes Estevez

Barry Le Roux

Dr. Joseph Joyner - Flagler College President and past Superintendent St. Johns County School District

Former St. Johns County Schools Superintendent Dr. Joseph Joyner has endorsed Kelly Barrera’s bid for re-election as the District 4 representative to the county school board.

Now president of Flagler College, Joyner served as superintendent of the St. Johns County School System for 14 years, retiring in January 2017. Under his leadership, St. Johns County was routinely ranked as the top-rated school district in the state of Florida.

“There is no question in my mind that the re-election of Kelly Barrera is essential to the continued success of the St. Johns County School District,” Joyner said in his endorsement. “I have worked with many board members in my 40 years in public education and Kelly Barrera is one of the finest.”

Joyner praised Barrera for her passion and commitment to improving the educational experience for all students.

“Kelly has been a fierce advocate for the students and parents in her community, questioning the status quo to ensure all decisions are made in the best interest of children,” Joyner said of Barrera, whose district includes Ponte Vedra Beach, Nocatee, Palencia and parts of St. Augustine. “She has also been a true servant leader and a compassionate listener during her time on the School Board….It is an honor to give my highest endorsement to Kelly Barrera in her re-election to the St. Johns County School Board.”

Barrera said she was both humbled and grateful for Joyner’s strong endorsement.

“Dr. Joyner is one of the most respected educational leaders in the state of Florida – his record of helping students achieve academic excellence speaks for itself,” she said. “It was an honor and a privilege to have served on the School Board during his tenure and to carry on his legacy of excellence as the board’s current vice chair. If re-elected, I will continue to work hard every day to ensure that the St. Johns County School District continues to offer our children the very best possible education, and remains a model for the state of Florida.”

A Ponte Vedra Beach resident for more than 25 years, Barrera is a graduate of Jacksonville University, where she was the first female graduate of the aviation program. She and her husband, Gil Barrera, are the parents of two adult children, both of whom have attended and volunteered in the local schools and community.

Nina Thomas and Dan McCarthy

Ann Smith

Karen Everett

Sarah Froehlich

Steve Froehlich

Jimmy and Lynn Gabrielson

Gerri Garcia

Chris and Heather George

Dan and Ellie Gimbel

Billy Wagner

She is a remarkable person who continues to make an impact on those around her. If you are not planning to vote for her it is probably because you have not taken the time to get to know her. Those that do are thankful she has crossed the paths of our county!!

Leslie and Will Montoya

Peggy Glover

Jon Gordon

Kathryn Gordon

Kim Gourd

Scott A. Grant

Danny Griffin

Elizabeth Hagy

Riley Hagy

Ellenmarie Hahnemann

Macdara Hanney

Jane Haverty

Nan Healy

Jaclyn Hernandez

John Herrigel

Will and Rhonda Hurley

Melissa Intemann

Heidi Johannesen

Becky Kampmeyer

Erika Kearney

Greg and Lisa Delaney

Kelly Barrera is truly a caring and committed leader. It is important for us to re-elect her, so she can continue to be an advocate for our Youth and Community.

Javelyn Arvay

She’s truly committed to our schools and engaged personally and professionally. She gives her best. She’s consistent, supportive, driven, strategic, knowledgeable and a team player. She’s a remarkable representation of humble leadership, professionalism and authenticity. She’s kind, caring and sincerely humble; giving her the ability to unite all sides to find solutions.

Raymond and Suzanne Green

Kelly is a "doer" ...she gets things done. Our school system is enhanced with her presence and work.

Jennifer Lewis Keller

Kayla Kelly

Susan Kelly

Christa Ketchum

Holly Klose

Tom Klose

Dawn Kroog

Anita Lancaster

Heidi Lang

Glenn and Lynn Layton

Robert and Jeanne Leapley

Hank and Linda Lesesne

David Lingor

Shelly Lingor

Patrice Linville

Franmk Mattar

Carol Maurer

John and Mary McAuliffe

Eve McCaffrey

Sean and Tammie McClafferty

Nancy Peek McGowan

Cyndie and Harold McKinney

Amy and Dean Mechlowitz

Aimee Mercer

Amy Miller

Dr. Lucy Spragins Miller

Dr. Robert Sean Miller

Don and Carroll Miniard

Joyce Moore

Shelly Morgan

Jackie Mracek

Chris Neuharth

Dr. Kristen Neuharth

Beth Newell

Allison and Dan Nichols

Carrie Paul

David Paul

Tracy Pheiff

Brette Polakowski

Jennifer Price

Clayton Ramsey

Shelia Rice

Gwen Richards

Kacey Roche

T.J. Roche

Stephanie Rogers

Al Rokosz

Debbie Rokosz

Michael Rothfeld

Ann Denise Rubino

Cathy Russell

Charles Russell

Dean Russell

Kevin Russell

Nancy Russell

Alicia Russi

Tim Russi

John Rutkowski

Ann Sabbag

George Sabbag

Eric Salter

Madelen Salter

Clete and Regina Sanders

Karyn Sawyer

Henry Scanlon

Trish Schilling

Andy and Kim Scott

Dave Scotti

Chris and Cyndi Scully

John Sheller

Rebecca Shelller

Robin Giddens Sheppard

Karen Shields

Jackie Smith

David Smith

Kelly Smith

Ken Smith

Laurel Smith

Eillen Speace

Laurie Stanton

Representative Cyndi Stevenson

Chris Stoudt

Marcy Stoudt

Jennifer Bost Thomas

Paul Thomas

Sonia Thomasino

Gary and Missy Vanover

John Versaggi

Pam Versaggi

Cathy Vincent

Michele Verban

Debbie Wagerer

Matt Wagerer

Marie Walchle

Greg Weitz

Jennifer Weitz

Janet Westling

Hasting Williams

Jackie Williams

Amanda Wodehouse

Charlie Wodehouse

Kerry and Carol Young

Jacob Young

Stacy Young

John Yuskis

Dr. Mary Yuskis, Ed.D

Kate Zarczynski

Kris Zarczynski




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